Popular Attractions in Martin County, NC


Bob Martin Ag Center

Rodeos, Dressage, Barrels — you name it, it’s here. The Ag Center is perfect for horsing around in Eastern NC.

Fort Branch

Fort Branch in Hamilton is known as “the best preserved earthwork Civil War Site east of the Mississippi.”

Asa Biggs House-Williamston

Asa Biggs House

Home of Asa Biggs, a former U.S. Senator and federal judge. Find out about his importance to Martin County.

martin county arts council activities

The Arts Council

The Martin County Arts Council was formed in 1975 by a group of local citizens with a love and appreciation for the arts.

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About Martin County, North Carolina

Even before what is now Martin County was first visited by English explorers, it was inhabited by Native Americans who were adept at satisfying their needs from the richly supplied forests and streams. In 1774, Martin County was formed from Tyrrell and Halifax Counties in the midst of one of the most turbulent periods of American history. It was less than three years after the Battle of Alamance near Hillsborough, between the “Regulators” and North Carolina militia called up by Royalist Governor Tryon – generally considered one of the first skirmishes of the American Revolution -and only a few months before the first meeting of the North Carolina Provincial Congress independent of royal authority in August, 1774.Attempts to establish a new county for the territory which eventually became Martin…

Martin County Landmarks

Popular Landmarks

You haven’t truly experienced Martin County if you haven’t spent a few peaceful moments reflecting by the mighty Roanoke River or taken a seat to enjoy a rodeo at the Ag Center.
Here’s a handy list of must-see places.

Popular Activities in Martin County, NC

Paddling Activities


Get ready for an adventure paddling lush creeks, wild swamps and the “mighty” Roanoke.

Horse Shows

Rodeos, Dressage, Barrels — you name it, it’s here. Family fun in Eastern NC starts with horses.

Historic Sites

Discover Martin County’s rich history. These are the must-see places to learn about our past.

Williamston Ranks 7th in the State for Best Places to Retire

Stampede FestivalThe Martin County Seat, Williamston, made the news recently when a study by SmartAsset placed it in the Top Ten Best Cities to Retire in North Carolina. Williamston is the only city in Eastern N.C. to make the list.

There are 122 cities in North Carolina with at least 5,000 residents. Of those cities, the SmartAsset calculator ranks Williamston at No. 7. Local tax rates, access to health care, social opportunities, and the percentage of Seniors in the population were the contributing factors of this study.

Williamston performed well in all of these categories, it’s strongest asset (in terms of this study) is the number of Doctor’s offices per 1,000 people.

At this point, it would do Williamston a disservice to omit the assets locals hold dear. After all, there was no “fishing” category mentioned in this study. Yet, fishing is one of the most popular retirement activities. So, if you’re looking for a city for those sweet golden years and you love to fish and tell tall tales about fishing, Williamston on the Roanoke River could be the perfect place for you.

While we’re listing quality-of-life assets, Williamston is also a great place for enthusiasts who love kayaking, golfing, equestrian shows, and live music (We have live music downtown every week during the summer months). Williamston also is home to two nationally recognized unique dining experiences: Sunny Side Oyster Bar and Deadwood.

Methodology for this study: SmartAsset subtracts income taxes paid from the gross income ($35,000 as a retiree) to determine how much disposable income a retiree would have. Sales tax on disposable income was also factored in. Then, the study looked at the number of medical offices, recreation and retirement centers per 1,000 residents and the percentage of seniors among the population.

For the full list of all ten cities, visit the SmartAsset website.

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