Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where are we?

You are in Martin County, North Carolina. We’re approximately 90 miles from Raleigh and 90 miles from the coast. The population is around 25,000. We are primarily an agricultural county. Martin County is served by Highways 17 & 13 for our North-South connections and U.S. 64 for our East-West travelers.

Where is the Sunnyside Oyster Bar and are they open?

The Sunnyside Oyster Bar is located at 1100 Washington Street in Williamston. Their hours are 5:30 pm – 9:00 pm. This a seasonal restaurant that opens generally in mid-September and shuts down after oyster season sometime in late April. The oyster bar has been written about in many national magazines as being one of the best in the country.

Where is the Cypress Grill and are they open?

The Cypress Grill is located at 1520 Stewart Street in Jamesville, NC. This is a seasonal restaurant located right on the Roanoke River and is known best for their “cremated” fried herring. This is another place that has had many articles in magazines singing their praises.

What is the Senator Bob Martin Eastern Agricultural Center?

The center is a multi-purpose arena and meeting center. This is on3e of the finest equestrian facilities this side of the Mississippi. The arena is used for horse shows almost every weekend and there is generally no admission for spectators. There are special shows at the arena that may have a charge for admission. They are Truck/Tractor pulls, Go-Kart Races and Mounted Shooting exhibitions (riders using black-powder vintage-type pistols). The meeting center is used for events such as reunions, corporate meetings, wedding reception etc.

Where is the Asa Biggs House?

The Asa Biggs House (built 1835) is located at 100 E. Church Street in Williamston (one block off of Main Street). The historic house is now home of the Historical Society and maintains an extensive library of genealogical data available to the public for research.

What is the Martin County Historic Church Trail and do you have a trail map?

The Martin County Historic Church Trail consists of 10 churches (all of which are on the National Register of Historic Places except one). Our part of the state was generally built around our farms and the churches within our communities. Download our Historic Church Trail Map by clicking this link.

What is the Fort Branch Re-Enactment and where is it?

Every year on the first weekend of November, there are re-enactments of the battle of Fort Branch. The event is presented by volunteers from all around the country. The fort’s location is located 3 miles southeast of Hamilton, N.C. Just off NC Hwy 125/903 at 2883 Fort Branch Road in Martin County on the Roanoke River. (For GPS, use Oak City, NC 27857) For schedule of event dates and times, you can visit the our events page or the Fort Branch website. There is a museum at the site along with seven of the original cannons that were used during the war. There is also a Civil War Christmas on the first Saturday of December (7:00 pm) at the fort.

Are there any boat landings for the Roanoke River in Martin County?

Yes, in Williamston, Hamilton and two in Jamesville. More information can be found on our Fishing/Paddling section or either the Roanoke River Partners website or Roanoke Outdoor Adventures, an outfitting and canoe/kayak rental operation in Martin County.