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Fort Branch

A significant Civil War site overlooking the Roanoke River, Fort Branch is known as “the best preserved earthwork Civil War Site east of the Mississippi.”

Seven of the fort’s original eleven cannon are on display there. Many smaller Civil War artifacts as well as pottery from an 18th century riverside settlement and Native American artifacts are also on display there.

Open to the public on weekends from April through the first of November when the annual battle re-enactment is held.

Saturday, November 2nd:

6 am– Reveille

8 am– Site opens to Public Company formations and company drill.
Battalion formation, dress parade, and drill (confederate and federal in their respective camp areas). Troop formations and departure for non-soectator tactical (Tactical will evolve into 1:30pm spectator battle)

9 am– museum opens to public 10am- Ladies tea ( under pavilion) 11:30am- Ladies fashion show 12:00- period music (under the pavilion) 12:30- Camp areas closed until conclusion of battle Spectators should go to battle viewing area.

1:30 pm– Battle of Fort Branch Begins

3:00 pm– Childrens activities

5:30 pm– Barbeque Supper for Re-enactors

6:30 pm– Night Firing of Cannons

8:00 pm– Period Dance

12am– Quiet Time

Sunday, November 3rd:

7 am– Reveille

9 am– Site & Museum opens to public

10 am– Period Church service (in the fort)

11:30 am– Ladies fashion Show

12:30 am– Camp areas closed until conclusion of battle

1:30 pm– Battle of Fort Branch Begins

3:00 pm– Event concludes

5:30 pm– Museum & site closes
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